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Name: Carie Larisa Burton
Marital Status: Married
How Long: Since August 26 2000
Children: Keegan. Born on December 25 2000, he is a rambunctous SagiCorn...He was born right on the cupis. Although only 4, he seems to act like he is 12 or older. That kids knows to much.
Shaylah. Born June 5 2003, she is a sweethearted, loveable chub. She will soon be two, but still feels like she is older. She is very mature for her age.
Both of them are blonde headed and blue eyed toddlers and I cant think of day without them. They keep me running, active, playful and feeling young, but also stress me out to the point of crying some days. What child does not do that?
Husband: Eric Luman Burton
He is a wonderful man of many qualities. He loves to cook, his specialites being anything italian or barbaque. He is a wonderful leader, friend and most of all, soulmate. He keeps me thinking or yelling, depends on his mood and is a strongwilled Scorpio who thinks he is always right. Not sure what I would do without him though.
Hobbies/Interests: I just recently became a Pure Romance Consultant and hope to get my business booming soon. I enjoy scrapbooking, crafts, movies, reading and most of all, karaoke. I love to sing.